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Find and test thousands of fresh HTTP and SOCKS proxies in order to find the perfect one for your anonymous
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2 December 2013

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In a business environment marked by intense competition, knowing every detail of your customers and prospects is a huge advantage. Thus companies today are looking to tap as much detail about you as possible. Add to that you have malicious individuals out on the internet looking to compromise your personal and financial information. When our privacy is under threat it makes great sense to maintain anonymity while surfing the web and applications like Gather Proxy 7.3 makes great sense. The applications extracts different proxy addresses from the web and utilizes them to mask your footprints.

When you launch the Gather Proxy 7.3 application it presents before you a neatly structured interface with major options placed in the top pane. To start with you can build up a proxy list by country or choose to build up an anonymous list. You can run a search on a specific host by placing its address in the text field. Further once the check is done it reports a detailed list which contains data on when they have been last update to whether they pass SSL. Their relative uptime and whether they qualify in a URL check is also noted. It also offers you basic tools like a web proxy list and finding out your real time IP address. When you are running the search you can specify the number of threads you wish to search for and the timeout period. Once you have identified a specific proxy as suitable, you can right click on it and assign it to a browser. Also you can export the list of proxies with a single click.

Overall the Gather Proxy 7.3 application comes across as a potent tool and it earns a score of three and half rating points owing to its intelligent features like capacity to extract proxies from Google search.

Publisher's description

1. GatherProxy scrapes thousands of fresh proxies from over 300 daily updated websites. Its include leading sites such as Hidemyass Proxy List.
2. HTTP proxy checker, Socks 4/5 checker, SSL checker, Black List checker, Google Passed proxies checker.
3. Recurring Scaper and Checker. The program repeat gathering and checking proxy. Automatic saving them to your hardware or FTP server. Simple open program and you will get newest proxies and socks 24/7.
4. Url Expression feature, this is allow harvest proxies from Google Search, Forum or any site with smart method.
5. It is a portable program, the tool really compact and save memory resource for your PC.
Gather Proxy
Gather Proxy
Version 7.3
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Jack Nguyen
Very good software. Im using it daily for get fresh proxies. Thanks!
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